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Time is changing. Science and technology are the primary productive forces driving human progress. Same as in garment industry. Our factories all loaded with new equipment every few years to upgrade the production quality and capacity. The '3D style' technology allows us to communicate with customers more efficient on design. New fabrics enrich the choices and show our customers workwear can be more functional.


Quality is our life. Because workwear protects the people who built our home. It does matter. Oak Doer has been always keeping high attention on each item, making sure whoever use the product we manufacture are well protected and safe. Naturally the feedback from customers is always good. Good then, better now.


Oak Doer respect the rule' customers first'. Linking team-based incentives to company key values can create competitive advantage, we value team-based problem solving and excellent customer service. No matter what request or demand you want, just let us know. Through good service, Oak Doer pursue loyalty, not just repeat business. We are partners, not just traders.


Being proactive means thinking and acting ahead of anticipated events. Oakdoer, always embracing our responsibility, controlling our responses and anticipating our future and focusing directly on solutions instead of other things, Oak Doer maintain a better and more proactive outlook. Our aim is to make you wonder, make you marvel, make you belief.


We are always at the forefront of new technologies and processes in the range of workwear. In addition to ODM business, we also design and develop many styles for customers, with usability and functionality, and achieved very good sales.


Responsibility is one essential part at Oakdoer. Our factory and most co-factories have BSCI certificate. This represents a major approach for our environment responsibility activities. All employees and workers have access to healthcare insurance and signed labor security contracts. Oak Doer is and will do its best in taking more responsibility, for a better world.


We will give feedback to any inquiry and order in the first time. Even if it is an emergency, we can handle it well with our years of experience and resources, because we regard our reputation and commitment to our guests as our life. In an era of rapid change, information and action define the success. We believe efficiency is one important thing that matter.


Incorporating teamwork and collaboration in competitive business models is a core responsibility of Oak Doer, teamwork is the way we step forward. The whole company is one big Oak tree, each employee is each branch. We do and we are doer. Because of doer, the Oak grow bigger and luxuriant.

What is INSPIRED format complied by Oakdoer?

This is OakdoerWith the development of society and increasingly fierce competition, Companies must be designed to respond to rivals with clever new products; advances in production and distribution technologies; deregulated industries that encourage even more competition; and complex and risky foreign markets filled with shrewd, price-sensitive customers and tough, local competitors with lower cost structures. etc. It is essential to understand the principles that organizations follow to provide excellent service to ensure that the enterprise evergreen. Let's look at how Oakdoer can restructure ourselves and our services to increase our market value and competitive advantage. "Customer-centric service models" are not just slogans and propaganda, because mostly company's real goal is cost control, rather than customer needs and expectations. To make high quality service become an important part of driving operational efficiency, Oakdoer follow the useful guiding principles of INSPIRED format, one of the sustainability factors for a long-term company.


  • The Rhino Tactical Mobile Vest

    A Rugged and Versatile Accessory for Tactical Photography When it comes to capturing high-quality,dynamic images in challenging environments, having the right gear is essential.Whether you’re a professional photographer or an avid outdoor enthusiast, the Rhino tactical mobile vest is a must...
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  • Hot Selling Work Pants in Supermarket

    Hot Selling Work Pants in Supermarket

    Oak Doer team went to the VAN Supermarket after ISPO Fair, VAN supermarket is known well for its quality products and trendy clothing.There are many work clothes in it,such as work pants,work jacket,coverall,padded vest,softshell jacket and so on.A big billboard-4-way stretch work pants attract o...
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  • The ISPO Fair invitation-A3 640-4

    The ISPO Fair invitation-A3 640-4

    The excitement is building as the highly anticipated ISPO fair approaches, and we are thrilled to announce that Oak Doer will be attending the event. With booth number A3 640-4, Oak Doer is all set to showcase its innovative products at Messe Munich, Am Messesee 2, 81829 München, from the 28th to...
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  • Oak Doer’s Cutting-Edge Workwear Collection is Ready!

    Oak Doer’s Cutting-Edge Workwear Collection is Ready!

    Oak Doer,a leading producer in the workwear industry with INSPRIED format,has always strived to provide high-quality and innovative clothing solutions for professionals in various fields.Now, with great excitement,Oak Doer is delighted to announce the launch of their new workwear catalog.After me...
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  • Vacuum Iron in the Padded Winter Jacket Industry

    Vacuum Iron in the Padded Winter Jacket Industry

    In the ever-evolving world of manufacturing,efficiency and productivity have become key factors in the success of any industry.Oak Doer has used vacuum iron in mass production,which has emerged as a game-changer in the manufacturing of padded winter jackets.This cutting-edge technology has revolu...
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  • Tactical Jacket: The Perfect Blend of Style and Functionality

    Tactical Jacket: The Perfect Blend of Style and Functionality

    When it comes to outerwear,having a jacket that not only looks stylish but also serves its purpose is essential. After the A+A fair and Canton fair,Oak Doer is busy developing not only work clothes such as jacket,pants and so on,but also outdoor wears such as enhanced fourth-generation Thor 3 in ...
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  • Winter Jacket with Reflective Prints: Stay Warm and Safe in Style

    Winter Jacket with Reflective Prints: Stay Warm and Safe in Style

    As the temperatures plummet and winter approaches, it becomes crucial to prepare ourselves for the cold and unpredictable weather.Winter clothing plays a significant role in not only keeping us warm but also ensuring our safety,especially during low visibility conditions.Personalized reflective p...
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  • ISPO Munich is Coming

    ISPO Munich is Coming

    ISPO Munich is a hub for innovation,where over 2,800 exhibitors from around the globe gather to present their latest products and trends in the sports industry.From skiing and snowboarding to running and hiking,the trade fair covers a wide range of outdoor activities,outdoor enthusiasts, ports in...
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  • Many new samples are producing after Fairs

    Many new samples are producing after Fairs

    Oak Doer is back from A+A fair and Canton Fair and is excited to share the news of our latest developments in workwear. We have been studying new fabric and accessories to create innovative workwear samples for our customers.With our dedicated workers busy making new workwear samples,Oak Doer is ...
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  • The Canton Fair is on the show

    The Canton Fair is on the show

    Today marks the third day of the 134th edition of this prestigious event. As buyers and exhibitors from around the world flock to Guangzhou,China,to witness the latest trends and products in various industries, the fair promises to be a hub of business opportunities. For those specifically intere...
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  • Our meeting at Canton Fair 2.1H28 and 4.1J42

    Our meeting at Canton Fair 2.1H28 and 4.1J42

    Today is the second day in the 3rd phase of 134th Canton Fair.The Canton Fair is renowned globally as one of the largest trade shows, offering a plethora of products ranging from garments to machinery.Many visitors are from all over the world to choose the products in China.Oak Doer booth NO. 2....
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  • Newest workwear at the Canton Fair Booth NO.2.1H28

    Newest workwear at the Canton Fair Booth NO.2.1H28

    Today marks the beginning of the first phase of the 134TH Canton Fair,an international trade event that attracts thousands of businesses and buyers from all corners of the globe,that brings together a vast array of industries,showcasing the latest innovations and products.Among the many companies...
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