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Quality Control

Quality Control To work effectively, quality must be an integral part of the organization's work heart. It must be integrated into various operational systems of the organization. "Blend in" means that quality becomes good. An integral part of the system so that everyone can do it as part of their job. The idea is that as long as quality consciousness can be incorporated, it will be harder to produce defective products, It can be applied to the production process through technical means, and, it can be done through the sense of responsibility of the QC Implementation.


Sustainability High durability and longevity are what first spring to mind. At Oak Doer we constantly striving to improve a garment's longevity. The workwear we produced last longer, which allow workers to use at least twice time as other clothes. We continue to reinforce our garment, to create a sustainable future. Basically our workpants use three triple stitching to inseam, outseam and front/back rise, each pants with More than 50bartacks, three-dimensional cutting reinforce tear resistant. We are good at OEM, but not only. We also do ODM. Our customers could send a plan draft of what dope out, we can finalize one item which fitted with years of experience. Oak Doer understand the best fitted materials and new trend styles that match for specific market. We could make the right samples and bulk products for the right markets with HIGH workmanship within limited time, thanks to highly skilled technicians from technical department and our workers.


    We have do a lot of different tests on our products and raw materials in an orderly and regular manner, such as the basic physical indicators of raw materials, the wear resistance, tear resistance of our products, fabric’s waterproof grade, color fastness, shrinkage and so on. We even test the same batch twice or three times on a regular basis. OAKDOER pass the test and get the OEKO-TEX certificate every year from TESTEX. The OEKO-TEX® label guarantees that products are free of harmful chemicals. Products which comply with the requirements set out in the Oeko-Tex Standard 100 can be authorised to carry the label. To achieve OEKO-TEX® certification, our products are checked to ensure they are free of harmful chemicals, and we have a procedure in place for this. This applies to the entire textile chain as well as the registration, evaluation, authorisation and restoration of chemicals “Registration, Evaluation and Authorisation of Chemicals” (REACH) and restricted substances as determined by the REACH chemicals, which are listed by the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA). Substances of very high concern (SVHC)



    OEKO-TEX is an independent testing System for textile products from all stages of production, and applies to fibers, yarns, fabrics, ready-to-use end-products, including accessories.
  • Business Social Compliance Initiative

    Business Social Compliance Initiative

    BSCI is an initiative for the business community to comply with social responsibility organizations that require companies to use the BSCI monitoring system to continuously improve social responsibility standards in manufacturing plants worldwide.
  • EN ISO 20471 High-Visibility Clothing Standard (Formerly EN471)

    EN ISO 20471 High-Visibility Clothing Standard (Formerly EN471)

    Hi-vis workwear is a crucial requirement in industries where a significant proportion of the work occurs near traffic, cranes or other motorised vehicles. It is also essential for staff undertaking nighttime operations or working in other poor light conditions. The main role of hi-vis clothing is to make the wearer stand out from the background so they are clearly visible from all angles. This reduces the risk of accidents occurring in potentially dangerous situations. As hi-vis plays such a vital role in the safety of workers, it's important that these garments — such as vests, t-shirts, polo shirts, trousers and jackets — have EN ISO 20471 certification.
  • Laboratory testing for fashion, luxury, sport, PPE markets...

    Laboratory testing for fashion, luxury, sport, PPE markets...

    Armed with expertise that began in 1899, CTC has become a market leader through a one-of-a-kind research centre for leather, footwear, leather goods and gloves.
    CTC provides solutions for manufacturers, distributors and brands, in the fashion, luxury goods, sport, and personal protective equipment (PPE) markets, as well as in the environmental sector.
  • Industrial manufacturing: SGS will help you make it.

    Industrial manufacturing: SGS will help you make it.

    Industrial manufacturing covers a wealth of business areas from pharmaceuticals to farm machinery, aerospace to automotive and everything in between. Manufacturing is invariably complex, requires tremendous attention to standards and regulations, needs compliance with quality, health and safety legislation and, often, international regulations.
  • Hot Selling Knitted Fleece Lined Jacket on Amazon America Station

    Global Recycled Standard

    It is a global, self-made and complete product implementation standard. Supply chain Management Manufacturers manipulate product recycling/remanufacturing ingredients, chain of custody, corporate social responsibility and environmental standards, and their chemical limits, which are then certified by a third party certification body.