This is Oakdoer

Long before the company was founded, There is a professional team here dedicated to manufacturing and providing worldwide clients with the best workwear since 2001, through protracted and unremitting efforts, and from multiple customer recognition and support, Oak Doer established in 2007, located in Hebei Province, Besides the OEM business, Oakdoer understand our each goals, strategies, and action plans for a specific product market are only an integral part of the company's strategic system. And, the essence of strategic planning at all levels is to determine the threats that should be eliminated and the opportunities that must be seized. Therefore, We participated with the client innovating and improving the product quality altogether. We owns one garment factory with 175 employees and cooperates with more than 25 factories all over the country, it means we produce 4,000 pieces of products every working day. moreover, we are negotiating the cooperation with the factory in Vietnam recently. Our annual output is over 1,000,000 pieces currently. Depend on the strong resource allocation and production capacity, we support the best quality and stable delivery to our customers from all over the world. We Attempts to develop and maintain distinctive competencies: focus on generating superior human, financial, and technological resources; designing effective organization structures and processes; and seeking synergy among the firm’s various businesses. Oak Doer is committed to supporting brand owners, distributors, wholesalers and retailers with on-trend workwear designs and standout quality and performances. In our Intrinsic system, Management By Objectives (MBO) is simply an organizational application of goal-setting theory. Oakdoer ‘s concern for competitive advantage and the employee’s interest in personal growth (self-actualization) are both embedded in MBO. We use this orderly process to strengthen our competitive advantage.


There are trousers, and then there are icons. Here’s ours.


Founded factory in Tangshan With the development of globalization and the advantages of China's textile industry Our respected, We went into the PPE industry and set up a factory, Benefit from our skilled technical workers and management and most reliable fabric and accessories suppliers. our factory expand step by step.

Founded OAKDOER(2007)

ONEMORE STEP Transformation from production to self-export, We registered export company OAKDOER, from then on, Our main products include normal industrial series, Hi-visseries, Functional series, Knitwear and Accessories. Here we gain many long cooperated customers .

Corporate expansion(2012)

EFFORT IS REWARDED After 5 years' constant efforts, Oak Doer has grown to a multi-division company with designing, manufacturing. the Sound organizational structure including Financial department, Marketing department, Sales department, innovation department, Technical department, QC department and transportation department.

Own brand ELLOBIRD(2016)

FOCUS ON DESIGN Quality is our imprint, innovation is in our gene, sustainability is our philosophy. Oak Doer is committed to supporting brand owners, distributors, wholesalers and retailers with on-trend work, wear designs and standout quality and performances. Meanwhile we registered own brand ELLOBIRD.


IMPROVEPERFORMANCE We attend to many fabric material exhibitions and visit the factory to search new materials and technology; moreover, we use 3D style to guarantee the new design and new sample developing efficiently and simply; we implement into production lines within instantly once any feedback and modification.


DEDICATED TO PUBLIC WELFARE ACTIVITIES Covid-19 attracted to China ,we donate our local health organization to handle the emergency situation. Most of our employees participated in community epidemic prevention work as a volunteer.

Cross training(2021)

KNOWLEDGE IS BOUNDLESS There is no end to learning .To fit for the fast changing world and service customers better ,Oakdoer motivate employees to learn practical course weekly such as Competitive strategy, Marketing, Project management. everyone deeply harvest.