Manufacturing Our sewing garment factory founded in Tangshan since 2001, Our philosophy is treat the sewing work as our key factor. So, sewing workers be tested every week and the excellent ones deserved reward . After one year’s efforts , our sewing factory widely well recognized in local area and sells well . As the export business was encouraged , we registered export company in 2007 year ,thanks to the Chinese canton fair, here we built cooperation with dear customers from all over the world . With the different requirements we enlarge our products range, Our aim is ensure guest satisfied, a relaxed and pleasant cooperation. In our factory and cooperated factories, sustainability is our guiding principle in production. Most of them have passed the BSCI standard. All factories have used solar energy from solar panels that installed in roof of factories. It lowers energy cost by at least sixty percent. We have a recovery system which is Oak Doer recycle the garment waste like clothing scraps and unused accessories to reduce the environment cost.

Material features

Material features In order to cope with the harsh environment, our products are made with only the finest materials and are rigorously tested to ensure their durability. Our consistent quality requirements can ensure that our products are durable enough to stand the test of time. We also offer customization options so you can create workwear that meets your specific needs and branding requirements. One of the ways we are working towards sustainability is by using eco-friendly materials in our products. We source materials from suppliers who share our commitment to sustainability, and we strive to use recycled and biodegradable materials whenever possible. "Quality materials for quality work."


Workmanship High durability and longevity are what first spring to mind. At Oak Doer we constantly striving to improve a garment's longevity. The workwear we produced last longer, which allow workers to use at least twice time as other clothes. We continue to reinforce our garment, to create a sustainable future. Basically our workpants use three triple stitching to inseam, outseam and front/back rise, each pants with More than 50bartacks, three-dimensional cutting reinforce tear resistant. We are good at OEM, but not only. We also do ODM. Our customers could send a plan draft of what dope out, we can finalize one item which fitted with years of experience. Oak Doer understand the best fitted materials and new trend styles that match for specific market. We could make the right samples and bulk products for the right markets with HIGH workmanship within limited time, thanks to highly skilled technicians from technical department and our workers.